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With human error being one of the biggest causes of accidents on vessels, key shipping thought leaders will debate how ship managers, owners and operators can future proof their businesses to provide consistent and continuous competency training and clearly defined career development paths for seafarers in the post-COVID era.

Stuart Ostrow (President ShipMoney), Capt Fradi Faouzi (Group Director Training at Columbia Shipmanagement), Raal Harris (Group Creative Director, Ocean Technologies Group), Henrik Jensen (Managing Director Danica Maritime Services), Christian Ioannou (Managing Director MCTC), Charles Watkins (Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health Support Solutions)

Moderated by: Sean Moloney (Managing Director, Elaborate Communications)

Working remotely from home or spending longer times at sea is challenging. And uncertainty about restrictions implemented during the COVID-19 outbreak add even more stress to the new situation. New questions will arise as we slowly get used to the office environment once again. Now, three protective factors are significant in determining strong and healthy resilience: high levels of confidence in your own abilities, disciplined routines for your work, and family and social support...

The internet on board a vessel has quickly become one the major reasons seafarers decide to go with the employer in question. And, it makes sense since connecting with family members and friends helps aide the isolation at sea. Yet, there is a serious problem with not connecting with the people around you on board. This trend is alarming....

Mental health at sea is developing into a pressing and unavoidable topic. Yet, we still need to evolve the conversation in order to tackle mental illness at sea. It is crucial to be familiar with the statistical reality we are dealing with today. Taking suspicious deaths (probably suicides) and proven suicides into account, suicide at sea now reaches an alarming number of 18.3% of all deaths at sea...

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