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24/7 Helpline

A Mental Health Helpline package, offering round the clock confidential and professional psychological support via our provided freephone number, also via email, text or phone, on board and ashore.

Staff Training

Attendance at staff (Officers and Crew) Training Seminars and Conferences worldwide to offer seminars on specific mental health topics

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Individual Therapy

One-to-one therapy and counselling sessions, personally or face to face via video or phone, as well as business coaching and presentation skills.

Tailored Concepts

Office tailored seminars/round table discussion groups on specific issues/needs (eg. coping with stress, depression, working from home, employee conflict, fears, anxieties).


Publications, poster campaigns, educational videos.

Reports & Trends

Quarterly Management Reports on trends, risks and solutions.

Audits & Solutions

Organisational Mental Health Audits and Strategy formulation – considering an organisation’s structure and operation, assessing the psychological status and resilience via confidential one-to–one interviews, deep-dive surveys, and offering remedial and preventative solutions.

Close Cooperations

Co-operation with partners on nutrition/catering, medical insurance and fitness to provide an entire holistic solution.


Probable Suicide Rates


of deaths at sea
2014 - 2015



of deaths at sea
2018 - 2019

In 2015 40 % of those who died were Cadets.

We are here to help.

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