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Please find some frequently asked questions and answers below about Mental Health Support Solutions, our services and offers.

Does Mental Health Support Solutions (“MHSS”) prevent mental health and wellness issues?

Nobody can absolutely prevent mental health issues or physical incidents arising. But everyone can (and should) proactively create a framework to identify, manage and reduce the risk of these occurring – whether in organizations or individuals.

This is exactly what MHSS does. It works with partners to create holistic preventative solutions – and empower individuals and organizations with positive mental hygiene.
Ask our partners – they will confirm that with MHSS they have reduced incidents, near-misses and their users feel more resilient and better-protected than ever.

What’s the difference between you and charities?

Mental Health Support Services compliments the outstanding work of existing organisations.

In the same way we visit trained medical staff for medical issues, MHSS encourages the use of trained psychological professionals to diagnose and implement curative strategies for psychological issues.

MHSS provides the next level of professional psychological care.

Our organisation doesn’t need mental health or support.

We strongly believe that there is room for improvement in every individual and organisation. From practicing daily mental hygiene, to creating a culture where mental health and wellbeing are a normal conversation – we are yet to find anybody or anyone who has achieved perfection in this area. Everyone can – and should – change.

Regulators, customers, employees and others are now requiring evidence that positive mental health and wellbeing is being practiced. Saying “we’re content with our current offering” won’t be an acceptable response.

Partnering with MHSS is clear signal to the outside world that mental health and wellbeing is being constantly analysed and improved. We will work with you to demonstrate this - in both paper (policies, audits) and in practice (psychological education, crisis support and interventions).

Our solutions are tailor-made, industry-leading and widely recognised.

I already have Corporate Insurance / Corporate Healthcare providers.

Users are more likely to engage with a service they know is not part of the organisational offering. MHSS’ service is anonymous – we work to find solutions, not identities.

MHSS’ service is instantaneous. Our crisis line is available 24/7 and if you need us to be somewhere at short notice – we will be there. With MHSS there is no booking appointments, going through lengthy triage systems or talking with someone who doesn’t have the experience or understanding to truly help.

And importantly – MHSS is focused on holistic and long-term solutions We’ll happily provide you with an on-demand service – but we’d also like to engage with you to understand your pain points and what the journey to positive mental health and wellbeing looks like. We’ll partner-together to achieve this.

Are your staff professionals?

Yes. All MHSS staff are experienced professionals in psychology or other disciplines. Collectively we have over [50] years of professional expertise and are certified by various bodies.

We work extensively with other institutions, and the learnings and knowledge we offer are at the cutting edge of maritime psychology.

Is MHSS internationally recognised?

MHSS’ solutions go above and beyond the standards required by industry bodies. Partnering with MHSS is a hallmark that your mental health and wellbeing approach will be at the top of the industry.

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