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We really appreciate your service.
You are already making a noticeable difference.
Superintendent Containership

Despite the advances of digitalisation, our most important asset in the maritime sector is our people – our crew and our staff. Digitalisation enhances human performance and does not replace it. Mental health is absolutely key to the wellbeing and performance of our people and our organisation, and we simply cannot afford to ignore its importance any longer. The professionals at MHSS provide us all with the support and solutions we need.
Mark O‘Neil, CEO and President of Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd.

We are so grateful for finally having this service.
We have been wanting something like this for a long time.

MCTC has always been a vocal advocate of the critical importance of a healthy, fresh, well-balanced diet for our seafarers and staff, and the need for quality culinary training for our chefs. Diet is inextricably linked with physical health which is inextricably linked with mental health. The relationship is circular and each component part is of crucial importance and cannot be neglected. MHSS not only supports when mental health issues arise, they are also there to provide proactive solutions to avoid such issues arising in the first place.
Christian Ioannou, CEO MCTC

Thank you so much for caring.
I am very grateful for this support.

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