Crew Wellbeing is Key

We create a healthy work environment by placing psychological well-being at the centre of your company's culture

Our Clients

We work with forward-thinking companies in shipping, cruise and yacht industry that prioritize mental health of their employees.

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We center our service around people. Here is what they say:

We create a work environment where psychological wellbeing of the employees is of top priority and talking about mental health is not just accepted but encouraged.

"The EPS Life at Sea Programme is a comprehensive set of benefits designed to improve the long-term physical and mental wellbeing of our 6000-strong and growing team. A key part of this programme is openly talking about mental health. MHSS has been instrumental in normalising this topic in a historically traditional industry. In addition to 24/7 support, a dedicated clinical psychologist consistently engages our team with insights, tips, and exercises to help strengthen our mental wellbeing.”

Chetan Desai, Community Relations & Corporate communications at EPS

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The bespoke training that we provide equips people with the tools to effectively manage their mental health.

“I think that the PFA training has been informative, useful, it is applicable in the current situation in the world and the psychological state of people, it is advisable to periodically organize such training sessions with the distribution of practical materials Many thanks.”

Container ship Captain, anonymous

Our Impact

We are grateful and proud of our mission. Here’s why:

  • We pride ourselves on a service that brings a real positive change to the people using it.
  • We tailor our approach to accommodate the unique needs of your company and your people.
  • We provide the best expert solutions that the maritime industry requires.

Reach out today and let's work on creating a brighter and healthier future together.

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