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Last month’s hijacking of the oil tanker Nave Andromeda just off the Isle of Wight highlighted the physical danger that today’s seafarers can sometimes find themselves in. But it also brought into sharp focus the danger that can be inflicted to seafarers’ mental wellbeing, something that can go unmissed...

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Last month’s hijacking of the oil tanker Nave Andromeda just off the Isle of Wight highlighted the physical danger in which today’s seafarers can sometimes find themselves....


In response to the operational disruption the pandemic has caused to crew changes, which has subjected seafarers to increased levels of stress and anxiety, Steamship Mutual announced a partnership with Mental Health Support Solutions, aimed directly at the wellbeing of ships’ crews.... //

Top management at Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) has come good on a promise to lead shipping to review how it handles benefits for its employees at sea, an overlooked part of the industry for decades....

The Maritime Executive //

Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) has taken the issue of seafarer care to a new level with the introduction of a series of initiatives that will promote their health, fitness and well-being to a standard not yet seen in the shipmanagement sector....

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Under the global COVID-19 this year, crew change has been severely affected which has led to worldwide attention on the mental health of the crew attracts. Anxiety, social isolation, pressure of work and disturbed sleep, can negatively impact crews' mental health....

TradeWinds //

Mark O'Neil explains why the shipmanager has a moral duty to deal with the mental health of seafarers

Author: Gary Dixon, London

TANKER Operator //

Columbia Shipmanagement is providing seafarers and office staff with access to a remote counselling service - and also recognising the importance that good technical management, and good social life onboard, can have to how seafarers feel in these difficult times.

TradeWinds //

New schemes are being developed to help seafarers cope with feelings of anger, frustration, anxiety and depression

Author: Adam Corbett, London

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