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Seafarers may be reluctant to go ashore when ports reopen after the coronavirus pandemic despite some of them spending a year or more away from family and friends, according to a mental health expert.


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As a minority in the maritime industry women are faced with challenges from education to recruitment and employment, all of which can impact their mental health and wellbeing. Mental Health Support Solutions (MHSS) are developing online content to help support women in shipping writes Saffiyah Khalique. //

Christian Ayerst from Mental Health Support Solutions watched on in horror as a Danish football player collapsed on the pitch on Saturday. Later on, he had time to reflect what lessons we in shipping can learn from the incident.

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Crewmembers struggling with their sexual identity are talking more openly about the issue and the challenges they face within the maritime industry..

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The importance of proper eating at sea - for physical and mental well-being alike.

COVID-19 has shone a light on the importance of health and how we should all look after ourselves. Governments have issued stark warnings that obesity leads to vulnerability in overcoming the virus, alongside underlying health conditions. Similarly, it has reminded everyone, both at sea and onshore, that health can't be bought and that diet plays a pivotal role in our ability to fight off infections such as this latest one. (Photo: cottonbro Pexels) //

The renewed crew-change crisis as a result of Covid-19 surges in countries such as India is driving seafarers to potentially take ever more desperate measures.

Friday, May 14, 2021 3:00 PM (CEST) //

Stressed? Tired? Feeling unsupported? Let's change that, together! We've organised a webinar to specifically shed light on mental health issues in women employed in the shipping industry. We want to hear YOUR thoughts, ideas and experiences. We want you to be part of the solution! Help us promote awareness and initiate a conversation about the things that really matter - being there for each other, no matter what! Sign up below for FREE!...

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The company, which provides professional mental health support across the maritime sector, has recruited nine additional psychologists who will start work immediately due to the increased demand for mental health support. //

“Mental health among seafarers has always been an issue and organisations need to support them now more than ever,” said Christian Ayerst, CEO of Mental Health Support Solutions

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